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Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

If you are designing a new logo, it is imperative that you understand what the true purpose of a logo is. It goes beyond being a symbolic shorthand for the company name. Everything about the choice of graphic, from the colour to the type face, will influence how the consumer feels about the company. In short, the logo can affect how trustworthy, trendy or memorable the business seems.

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What Makes a Great Logo?

There is no clear cut definition of what makes the perfect logo, as it can depend very much on what sort of industry the business is operating in. However, there are certain elements which most effective logo designs have in common.

The first factor is simplicity. If you think of five famous brands then think about their logo, you are likely to find that the graphic is something very simple. This helps to make the design instantly recognizable, which influences how memorable it is. You want the consumer to instantly link the graphic with the brand that it represents.

Focus on Brand Image

It is also paramount that the graphic you use reflects the image of the brand. This will help to create a suitable first impression of the company or reinforce the brand’s identity. For example, an advertising agency which prides itself on its innovative and exciting approach will require a sleek, modern logo. A design that is too traditional, or one that uses uninspiring colours, will detract from the image they are trying to create.

What is less important is that the logo reflects what the company does. It is not always a disadvantage if the image is tied with the business it represents, but it is certainly not as essential as the other elements listed in this article. Very few of the biggest brands have logos which instantly denote what the company does, and there may be good reasons for this.


The modern trend is for logos to be versatile. Many industries, particularly those which are technology or product based, are extremely fast paced and evolve quickly. Therefore, companies often have to be highly adaptable with what they offer in order to keep pace with the changes. This requires a logo which can be appropriately applied to many different products or services.

Another contemporary trend is for monochromatic logos, as these are simpler to scale down and print on a range of products. Using a single colour in a logo design is not a cardinal rule, but having the option to reduce the palette for some purposes can be an advantage. Monochrome undoubtedly creates a bold and eye catching design.

Simple Designs Can Be Effective

Simple designs also lend themselves to easier vector creation. Design software which is based around vectors are more suited to creating logos, as the finished image can be re-scaled without any loss of clarity or detail, which makes the finished image much more versatile in its uses. Try to create a logo which looks good in a range of sizes.

A well-chosen logo can be a significant boost for a brand. It is worth investing time and money in developing the perfect design.